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Our Skills

We make PVC, concrete or cast-iron purification system whatever diameters.

We always give you satisfaction for all your works : housing estates, individual houses, industrial buildings or works on the upper slopes.

Sewerage        Subdivision development networks

We specialize in Networks

thanks to our experience in the networks field, many project manager trust our teams for theses kinds of work. .

We are also specialized for installing snow equipements and for works
on slopes > 45°.

Our references in Networks

Completion Date
Type of work
1998 at 2002 Méribel Alpina Earthworks for snow equipment
1999 at 2001 MGM La Bergerie des Allues. Networks for a real estate
4000 m2 of living space
1999 at 2001 MGM Les Fermes de Méribel Village. Networks for a real estate
4500 m2 of living space
2000 Peter Huisman Network in a forest
2000 Town council of Les Allues Slalom stadium. Construction of the lightning system  
2001 Town council of Courchevel Parking of Bellecôte
2001 STVI Earthworks for snow equipment
Slope> 45° + rocks
2000 at 2002 MGM Le Hameau des Marmottes in Les Menuires. Networks for a real estate
7300 m2 of living space